If this is hard, you aren’t alone.

More than ever before, it’s important to take the time to reach out to others in your friend circle. Talk about how you’re feeling. Prioritize phone calls and video chats. We’re all in this together, even if we’re stuck in our homes.

The feelings of isolation, anxiety & fear of all of this is overwhelming. I fear for my closest friends who are nurses, friends still going out to work, my husband & kids, my elderly next door neighbour and countless others. I have so much Mum guilt for my kids, they’ve eaten so much crap recently & watched way too much tv, but homeschooling two kids at different ages and working from home trying to keep £ coming in is hard flipping going. I can’t listen to the news anymore and have been off social media as much as I can as it’s just in my face all day and it’s mentally draining! Going to get groceries today with gloves on and a scarf over my face and being terrified of walking too close to someone or not following the arrows correctly was surreal & exhausting! Getting home and showering and washing the clothes I’d worn out, cleaning groceries down with dettol! It’s not a new normal, this will never feel normal and right now I don’t feel normal and I think that’s okay!

"There is plenty of time to think, and no switch to shut off the continuum of negativity."

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