I’ve always loved this quote by Wayne Dyer: “The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgement.”

It’s so true, what one person perceives as something ugly and useless, another can see as worthy and beautiful.

Lila has been persistently watering our “weeds” for three weeks now and I’ve not had heart to tell her they are actually weeds!! I’ve had weed killer sitting for ages but the thought of her wee face waking up to see dead weeds which she believes are beautiful would be heart wrenching!! She shouted so excitedly today, “Mum come and see my flowers have grown more little flowers” 🙈💗

The dandelion doesn’t care if it’s told it’s a weed, it still keeps growing, because to little six year old eyes it is a magical, wish granting flower!

The lesson I’m taking from her today is, strive to see the good in everyone. Don’t judge things or people by others opinions. Regardless of how other people may see you, stay strong and continue to grow on your own path.

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